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Flower Design

BeCaribbean floral designers feel that flowers are one of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony or a special occasion. For a destination wedding, the flowers accent the beauty of the warm turquoise waters, the powder soft sand beaches and picturesque historic mills and great houses.

These are the perfect backgrounds to create and capture life long memories. Will your wedding or celebration be whimsical, elegant or romantic? It’s your choice. Your florist can custom design your bouquet, alter, table centerpieces and arrangements to incorporate any personal mementos that you may want to include such as seashells, lockets, or broaches.

As soon as you pick your colors and the mood and tone your trying to convey, you’re ready to consult with your BeCaribbean florist. Have an idea what type of flowers you want, your florist can guide you on what flowers work best. We are in the tropics and certain types of flowers don’t travel well or do well in the heat. You should bring pictures of the ceremony area and the reception hall so we have an idea of what types of arrangements will give the most bang for the buck. Please make sure to send our florists lots of pictures. Remember that pictures say a thousand words. It is also important that you remember that we are on an island and availability of any special decor or accents you may need may have to be ordered from off island.

Ask about our local flowers, when in bloom they can be incorporated in most designs and are less expensive than flowers ordered from away, and the colors are vibrant. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the planning that needs to be done: when you get a head start on things and give us plenty of time it’s much easier. Our professional floral designers will make your event an unforgettable experience!

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