Soft tropical climate, beautiful nature, white sand beaches

US Virgin Islands

The United States Virgin Islands are an insular area of the USA in the western part of the Virgin Islands Archipelago.

They consist of about 60 islands and reefs, mainly desert that lay to the northeast of Puerto Rico. They are washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the North and Caribbean Sea from the South. The main islands are: the neighbouring Saint Thomas and Saint John and the biggest and the most remote - Saint Croix in the Caribbean Sea.

The territory's capital Charlotte Amelie and main historic sites such as Fort Christian, Blackbeard Castle and mountain Saint Peter are on Saint Thomas. The National Park owns more than half of Saint John, and Saint Croix is famous for colonial city of Christiansted and magnificent white sand beaches. Christopher Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands in 1493. Over the next two hundred years the islands were practically of no interest to Europeans. Only in 1625 first English and French colonists came to the area.

Then the islands were held by many European powers including Great Britain, France and Maltese Order till in 1666 Denmark seized Saint Thomas then Saint John and finally in 1733 purchased Saint Croix from France. The Danish authorities successfully established plantations on Saint Croix because of its fertile terrain but poor soils of Saint Thomas made it useless for agriculture. So it became the centre of slave and rum trade on the Caribbean Islands.
At the beginning of 20 century pirates and slaves disappeared, sugar cane plantations became not economically viable and in 1917 the Islands of Danish West Indies were sold to the US for 25 million dollars. Since that time tourism is the primary economic activity on the islands.

Soft tropical climate, beautiful nature, white sand beaches and well-developed infrastructure available for all budgets attract more and more people to the American Virgin Islands for comfortable rest and vacation mainly in winter season-from January to April.


The United States Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea - an organized unincorporated territory of the US.

Area: 346.36 sq km.
Climate: tropical savanna climate affected by moderate trade winds. Air temperature +28C, water temperature +27C
Population: 106 405
Language: English
Capital: Charlotte Amalie
Currency: US dollar.
Local Time: Thursday 23rd of November 2017 - 07:13:18 AM
Tel code: +1 340


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