Incentive opportunities for your company

Incentive opportunities for your company

The Caribbean is one of the most stunning and peaceful locations on Earth. Yet, despite the relaxing vibe, there are plenty of exciting things to do here...

inspiring many businesses to choose these remote exotic shores for corporate incentive trips. Their aim is to seamlessly combine a well-deserved holiday with events that raise personnel motivation and build team spirit – in the Caribbean, this couldn’t be any easier.

Sugar-white beaches, gentle waves and colourful marine life abundant in the translucent waters will make stress and office fatigue fade way in the blink of an eye, leaving you rejuvenated and ready for action with your colleagues – options include sports challenges, games and competitions, a hike to a volcanic crater, a horseback ride or a cycling trip, diving, fishing, culinary lessons to bring out the best flavours in your freshly caught seafood, and much, much more.

In the evening, you can sample some genuine Caribbean rum, the favourite drink of pirates, and gradually, rum tasting will evolve into a bit of aimless noisy fun that breaks the ice and creates bonds better than any games or competitions.
Here at Becaribbean, we are happy to help you organize incentive trips to the Caribbean.

We will offer you the best accommodation options – both in terms of value-for-money and comfort, and even a large group on a small island is not too big a challenge for us.
We will organize tours, write a teambuilding scenario for you or adapt the client’s existing one, take care of catering and transport arrangements, including private jet flights to the Caribbean from anywhere in the world, which no doubt will give an even bigger boost to the corporate loyalty of the incentive trip’s participants.